Source Code Name Case count Share of cases (%)
OUTPAT OUTPAT_ICD10(L200) Besnier's prurigo 7443
PRIM_OUT PRIM_OUT_NOT_USED_ICD10(L200) Besnier's prurigo. Not used in endpoint definition. POSSIBLY INACCURATE IN COMPLEX ENDPOINTS! 4218
INPAT INPAT_ICD8(69100) Infantile eczema and related conditions, Eczema atopicum. Prurigo Besnier. Eczema pruriginosum allergicum 1660
INPAT INPAT_ICD9(6918B) Atopic dermatitis and related conditions, Other atopic dermatitis and related conditions 986
INPAT INPAT_ICD10(L200) Besnier's prurigo 887